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Bruno in a few words

Highly experienced Communications, Marketing, and Project Management professional with an exceptional history of Local, Global, and International experience.
Currently taking on clients as a leading senior consultant in communications, brand development, digital integrations, operational transitions, and project management.
Derived from a lifelong career both in agencies and on the client side, leading the global development efforts of diverse companies and brands nationally and internationally, I started my independent consulting business in 2001.

This initially began as a response to the sudden high demand of companies needing to ‘go digital’ – a sector in which I have a certain experience. Then other queries arise as digital has so much implication on a company and therefore its internal as well as external communications. I then took part in: Global communications, digital integrations, operational transitions and project management. These missions concern communications tools and skills but may also impact process and teams (organization, recruiting…).

Thanks to my triple experience (agencies, companies, consulting) combined with my proven leadership in strategic development and project management (Thank you for the testimonials), I now help diverse clients with their most pressing needs or their more strategic requests.

I may work for many business sectors with a deeper knowledge in automotive and technologies.


On a personal side, I am married with 2 wonderful (of course) daughters, living now their own lives. One is working in the video games industry, activity I have done for a long time from the early days (Apple II, Atari ST, …).

I try also, as often as possible, to travel and discover new countries and cultures. This allows to work on another pleasure: shooting personal videos which I then edit and burn on Blu-Ray discs. At last, I am a convinced biker, who after driving only Japanese, mostly Honda, went 5 years ago to BMW.

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